Below is a list of our standard models. It may be helpful for you to use these standard configurations as a starting point for your holster. Any feature listed within these configurations can be altered to suit your requirements. For detailed information on each of these features, click HERE.

If a belt size and configuration is not specified, we will assume a 1-1/2" threaded belt loop. All belt loops are contoured to comfortably fit your waist.

New Standard - This is the holster typically requested by our federal law enforcement customers. It features a straight drop, standard belt loop depth (3/8"), grip slightly tucked-in toward the body, and a standard ride. Made in .125" material, it is made for serious field use.

Flatliner - This is our slimmest, most concealable holster. It features a straight drop, narrower belt loop (1/4" depth), grip tucked-in toward the body, and a higher ride. Made in .080" material, this holster is at least 1/8" trimmer than any other holster on the market.

Ladies' Offset - Made specifically to accommodate ladies' figures, this model features an angled belt loop and straight drop with a lower ride. Click HERE to see an example.

Range Master - For range use, you can't do any better than our Range Master. It features a straight drop, an angled and offset belt loop and low ride. Click HERE to see an example.

Scalding Spaulding - The Scalding Spaulding is a new holster design made with the assistance of writer and weapons instructor Dave Spaulding. It is designed to provide some of the convenience of a paddle, but lock onto the belt with the same security as a traditional belt holster. Click HERE to see an example. For an in-depth review of the holster, please refer to Dave Spaulding's article, HERE.

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