All Hillsman Holster products are made from the highest quality materials available. For our steel components, the hardware available on the market did not meet our standards for durability and did not have the same fit and finish that we demand. For these items, we took the best of what was available and sent them out to special processors.

Rust and surface chipping should never be a concern with a Hillsman Holster. We send all our steel screws out to be specially plated with Black Chromate. Black Chromate is a highly durable, highly corrosion resistant finish that will never chip and is guaranteed to withstand 96 hours of salt spray exposure. One of our customers is currently using our holsters in the jungles of Bolivia, and is especially pleased with how they've performed.

For our holster material, we use Boltaron 4330, and tailor the thickness of the material to best suit your application. Boltaron 4330 is an acrylic-modified PVC, which exhibits exceptional durability and "memory". Additionally, our Boltaron 4330 is embossed with a "haircell" finish, which provides added scuff resistance.

Integral to our tension adjustment system is a special black surgical tubing which offers a much finer tension adjustment and contributes to a superior draw of the weapon. Our snaps are high quality nickel plated Durable Dot™ snaps, which we offer in standard snap action and extra firm.

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