Several factors dictate your holster requirements and set you apart from everyone around you. Your build, your application, your pistol choice, and your skill level, all determine the holster you should use. The following holster features can be modified to produce this holster.

Material Thickness: We offer two thickness' of material -- .093" (our standard weight) and .125" (our heavy weight material). While other holster makers tend to offer only one thickness, we believe that different thicknesss should be considered for different applications. For high concealability and an ultra-fast draw, our holsters made from our thinnest material, are nearly 1/8" slimmer than those made of .125" thick material. Some of our customers have used this advantage to enable them to carry a larger pistol, while maintaining the same concealability of a smaller one.

Belt Loop Configuration: Three belt loop configurations are available -- threaded, paddle, and offset. The threaded belt loop is the standard belt loop found on most holsters. Our paddle rig is comfortable, contoured and secure, and is ideal for those occasions when you need to slip the holster on and off the belt throughout the day. An offset belt loop holds the grip of the pistol away from the body and is normally used for range use.


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