Q: Why don't you offer any holsters with retention devices (e.g. "thumb straps")?
A: Retention devices should only be necessary when you are concerned that someone may try to take your weapon (i.e. it is exposed) or when you are concerned that your pistol may fall out of the holster (i.e. it doesn't fit well). Our holsters are designed to be concealed and are crafted to fit your weapon perfectly. Properly tensioned, our holsters can be turned upside down and shaken without the pistol even rattling, much less falling out.

Q: What is the difference between your holsters and all the other holsters on the market? What makes them worth the extra cost?
A: Quality. There is simply no other holster available anywhere, at any price, that even approaches our level of fit, finish, and function. All of our products are custom made, by hand, to your exact specifications.

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