Q: How long does it take for you to make a holster?
A: Each holster takes at least 2-1/2 hours to create. Depending on the extent of your custom modifications, some of the highly custom rigs we've produced have taken over 4 hours to complete. We could make faster, but the quality of the fit and finish would suffer. In addition to the 16 step process we use just to create the holster, a good deal of time is spent testing the holster and fine-tuning the action.

Q: What is the difference between the plastic you use and Kydex™?
A: Both plastics are very similar and in the same basic family of plastics. Kydex™ is an older form of the material we use (Boltaron 4330). We have made holsters with both products, and our experience has been that holsters made of our material perform better than those made of Kydex™.

Q: I've heard your name in some of the higher-end shooting circles. How long have you been making holsters?
A: We've been making Hillsman Holsters since about 1998 (and leather holsters for over 25 years). Our satisfied customers include international weapons instructor and Director of Advanced Weapons Training International, Don Rosche, Navy SEALs, the DEA, Secret Service, Special Operations Forces, State Department and other undercover law enforcement officers.

Q: I have had several leather holsters that have shrunk, cracked or have stopped fitting well. What can I expect from one of your holsters?
A: As you know, leather has a lifespan that is dictated by both by the environment and time. Boltaron 4330 is virtually indestructible. It doesn't respond to changes in weather, body heat, or most solvents and will react and perform consistently. Also, because our holsters are thermoformed, and not injection molded, our holsters are not susceptible to the shrinking and cracking you will find in cheaper holsters.


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