We were raised around rifles and pistols and have been involved in shooting sports for most of our lives. Our father was on the U.S. Army Rifle Team in the 1950's and 1960's, where he achieved the status of "Distinguished Rifleman" and set and still holds the national record for rapid fire with the M1 at 300 yards. Today, we shoot pistols almost exclusively (no offense to rifle shooters -- we just love to shoot pistols).

Dan has been making leather holsters for family and friends for 25 years, but even the best leather holsters placed drag on the weapon when drawing. When we saw a plastic holster, we decided to try it. As expected, the draw was improved, but it truly was a holster only a mother could love.

Since the quality, fit and workmanship of even the finest plastic holsters on the market was poor, Dan decided to apply his leather holster skills to the new material and see if he could produce a holster that had all the qualities of his leather holster -- fit, finish, and looks -- but also had the characteristic performance of plastic.

The initial results were so encouraging that he began handing them out to friends: shooting companions, law enforcement officers, competitive shooters and weapons training instructors. His brother, Mike, got involved at this point and the two of them applied the feedback from their friends to refine and begin producing the holsters.

The result: the finest tactical polymer holster available today. Optimal performance with the hand-crafted appearance of the traditional custom holster. Try one -- we think you'll agree.


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